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Hi, I’m Jeffrey Hayes and I write Fitness Over Fifty to help people like me improve or maintain their level of fitness and quality of health in their middle age and senior years. The idea for  Fitness Over Fifty began in 2008 after a regular wellness check-up revealed that my blood pressure was elevated and my cholesterol and triglycerides were also out of balance. I had already noticed my midsection was becoming bigger (and softer) and that i just didn’t have the “get  up and go” that I usually have but the doctor’s report was a real wake up call.

Since then I’ve made it a priority to spend time getting back into shape and have read everything I could find in order to keep up with the latest research on fitness and aging. I’ve talked to professionals in the fields of health and fitness to get their expert advise and am pleased to say that I am definitely a fitter, healthier  and happier person today than I was back in 2008.

To contact me, please email jeffreylhayes@gmail.com

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