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5 Good Reasons Why You May Want to Get a Personal Fitness Trainer

According to Craig Kastning a personal fitness trainer based in Chicago IL, there are a few really good reasons someone may want to consider adding a bit of personal training to their fitness routine.

Craig thinks that especially for people who have ignored their fitness goals for a lengthy period working with a trainer can be the fastest and easiest method to make the drastic lifestyle change required to lose weight, change your diet and fit fitness into your daily routine.

What are some of Craigs reasons for suggesting a fitness trainer?

1.  Maybe you’ve been working out for a while now but lately your results have been small or even no results at all. This is common, sometimes when we do the same exercises day after day we reach a plateau that is hard to break through. A trainer can take a look a what we’ve been doing and make some changes and maybe even look at how changing our diet may make a difference.

2.   Accountability – It’s easy to skip a day or two of working out and before you know it a day or two has turned into a week or two and then a month or two. Take it from me, it can happen to anybody. If you schedule a fitness trainer on a pay per session deal then you’re much more likely to show up at the gym at least on the days that you’re paying for. Sometimes that’s all the incentive you may need to get back on a regular daily schedule.

3. Step up your game. Is your workout still challenging? Does it still have intensity? If not then it could be time to step it up a little. A trainer can help you take it to the next level.

4. Physical limitations or current health conditions. Some people may have physical limitations that might restrict their movement or limit their accessibility to some of the equipment found in the gym. Trainers are taught how to assist people who have limited mobility, health issues or are recovering from an injury.

5.  Nutrition planning. Fitness trainers do more than assist you with your workouts, most are well-trained in nutrition and can offer tips for making healthy food choices and give you pointers on calories, supplements and portions.

These are just 5 of the reasons that Craig lists, you can read the entire list here.

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