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Health Club Membership – Perfect Gift

Baby Boomers  are the fastest-growing age group  in the countries fitness centers and health clubs. Two hot new high paced classes now popular with the over 50 crowd are  Zumba which melds Latin dance moves with exercise , and Nia a low impact aerobics exercise program that combines Latin dance with Tai Chi and yoga.

Polls show that baby boomers are  as a group experimental, individualistic and  free spirited. These traits mark them as very different from the generations before them and should mean that the trend towards staying engaged in physical activity will continue all of their lives.

Women over 50 in particular  are more better educated, more independent,  working and handling  family responsibilities more than any generation in history.

Most “boomers” believe that “old” is 78 and they are the first generation to really feel that living to 100 is a achievable goal.

Men and women 50 and older like and will spend on luxury items such as cars, houses and travel and in many cases have paid off their homes so have the money to spend. They believe they’ve worked hard all their lives so now they deserve what comforts and pampering they can afford. Health club membership for the over 50 and fit (or wanna be fit)  is the perfect gift.

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