Health Over 50

Ok, first of all let me make it clear what I mean by “Health over 50”.  I’d like to start by borrowing a definition of health from a webpage at

” Health ” is a multi-dimensional concept that is usually and measured in terms of: l) absence of physical pain, physical disability, or a condition that is likely to cause death, 2) emotional well-being, and 3) satisfactory social functioning.

There that sums it up pretty well. Health by that definition cannot be identified by just one measurement on a scale or comparison on a chart  or time on a stop watch. No health is “multidimensional, yet at its core it comes down to this;

  • Am I able to move around reasonably well independently.
  • Am I free of or managing any ongoing everyday aches and pains.
  • Am I free from or managing any chronic diseases or conditions.
  • Am I a happy, purposeful person that enjoys the fellowship of others outside my family or work?

Now the answer to some of these questions will require the help of a professional health care provider and that’s certainly recommended, but in the final analysis it’s up to each individual to get honest with themselves and decide where along the imaginary, multi-dimensional scale of health that we lie and just what it is within our power to do something about and then DO IT!


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