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Loss of Mental Sharpness Begins Sooner Than We Thought BUT It CAN Be Prevented

According to this NBC news report the loss of mental facilities that we all fear might happen in our 60’s and 70’s may actually start in our 40’s. The good news is that although it’s irreversible it can be prevented with exercise.

It’s believed that the benefits associated with increased oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and heart that we get by exercising may also help the brain stay young.

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Over 50 and Feeling Blue? How to Get Re-energized

It’s really easy to feel “burnout” this time of year. The weather is dismal, the days are shorter, the post-holiday bills are starting to come in, sometimes it feels as if I’m just going through the motions. Just putting one foot in front of the other to make it through the day. Here is what works to bring back my “mojo”.

  1. Purge my “things to do”. This gives me a fresh start. No hanging on to things that I REALLY don’t NEED to do. This includes getting rid of all the magazines that I promised myself that I’d get around to reading, forgetting about all the calls that I’ve been promising myself to make to friends, throwing out all the “stuff” that I bought at garage sales last year that I was going to refurbish or “do something” with.                             This always gives me an instant lift. It’s like I give myself a pass for stuff that I didn’t accomplish last year and allow myself to be OK with it.
  2. Volunteer. I recognize that a lot of what I’m feeling when I ‘m blue is simply being too self-centered. A case of the “why isn’t my life different than it is.” Spending time helping others gets me out of myself. Whenever I’m helping someone else I never think of me unless it’s “But for the grace of God, there go I”. This gives me a great sense of gratitude and I always go back to my own little humble abode thankful for what I DO have.
  3. Schedule some ME time. I know this may seem counter to #2 but sometimes a little “me” time is needed too. Does this happen to you? You’ve promised to do this, that and the other. Every time some one asks you to do something you say yes. This can leave you feeling burdened and burned-out. Schedule time for yourself at the beginning of the week and stick to it. If someone else’s designs for your life take priority over your own you can’t be happy. I know that sometimes things come up and we have to adjust but it’s important to learn how to say NO, I’m busy that day.
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