If you’ve kept your New Year’s Resolution, Good News! You’re one of the winners!

I  know it may seem like it’s been ages ago since you made that silly promise to yourself to begin the New Year differently and get serious this time about working out and getting fit but the truth of it is that it’s only been 38 days (as of Feb. 7th) But the good news is that according to a study by Gold’s Gym mentioned in an article in Shape magazine today is the day of the biggest drop in gym sign-ins. So if you signed in at your gym or continued whatever fitness routine you’ve set up congratulate yourself!

The article goes on to speculate that in todays modern fast paced lifestyles people are apt to give up too soon because they don’t see enough results within the first month and therefore conclude that it’s not working. Trust me on this, there are NO SHORTCUTS. You only get results when you put in the work and combine it with good nutrition habits. Check out the article which includes a nice link to 22 tips to keep you motivated! (Hint: Find something that’s fun, that you like to do and DO IT!)