Is this the best exercise for over 50?

Water Aerobics for Over 50For a large number of us that are 50 and older time hasn’t been as good to us as we would have liked.  Some of it may be our own fault , overweight, complications from smoking, aches and pains from old sports injuries. A lot of it is just genetics or natural aging processes, diabetes, arthritis , sarcopenia. Whatever the case may be it is harder for some of us to move around and stay active than others.

There is one workout plan that can usually accommodate just about any level of mobility and fitness. Water Workouts a Great Alternative: Study – Health News and Views –

In this article Dr. Martin Juneau of the Montreal Heart institute stresses that exercising in water will give you the same cardio and aerobic boosts as doing it out of water. The good news is that because of the buoyancy of the water against your body you are putting significantly less stess on the joints and bones as you do on land. This  produces less wear and tear on the body.

Another surprising finding was that the pressure of the water on your lower body actually aids in your blood circulation, it helps the bloods return to the heart meaning you can get the same aerobic benefit from exercise with a slightly lower heart rate!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims the swimmers have almost 1/2 the risk of death as people that don’t exercise.

The gym I frequent offers classes throughout the day in the pool. These range from the comparatively beginner Aqua-fit type classes that are designed for the beginner or those that may have mobility issues to the popular Water Zumba classes that are every bit as challenging as the land based programs.

Two things I’ve noticed about all these water exercises that I think are the big reasons that once you start you’ll want to keep at it (and isn’t that the most important thing about ANY exercise program), the water keeps you cool while you get your workout in and it’s really a lot of FUN!