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Defining Fitness Over Fifty

The over 50 workout routine that will serve you best depends a lot on your own definition of just what is fitness over 50.

For some it may be simply being able to ensure the ability to remain independent and mobile well into our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. That’s a REAL goal for many and the 50’s are a great place to start.

Others may even go as far as to become competitive athletes in their fifties, competing in basketball leagues, marathons, iron man competitions and all kinds of other activities.

Whatever your desires are keep in mind that there is no “One size fits all” plan and way to¬†achieve¬†your personal fitness over fifty goals.

Sure there are somethings that are to be used as guidelines in any fitness program. Proper diet, enough sleep, aerobic and resistance training, but the way that you mix and match these components should be based on what you want to achieve.

You also want to include some variety and change in any fitness routine. I never go through a 3 month span with out changing my work-out routines almost entirely. A little here, a little there, and by the end of three months my routine looks nothing like it did when I started it. This keeps it fresh and it keeps my body and muscles from anticipating the next move that I’m going to make. The body has a way of making short cuts when it gets into a routine of knowing what’s next.

So my advice is to first sit down and put on paper what YOUR goals are. Keep it real but make it a challenge. Then determine how you’re going to get there. make it fit for YOU!

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